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Image by Mieke Campbell

All About Meraki

We bring an exceptional, fully immersed 3D experience that will not only help you envision your project, but understand how all the details like sun exposure, shade coverage, aesthetics, and functionality play a role in the overall design concept.


You will be blown away by the level of detail, dedication, and energy throughout the entire design process.

Each design has ideas that make it unique, but they have something in common, they contain the seed of inspiration, and the beauty of creativity. Our designs encourage growth and a hope that we can simply inspire others thorugh our dream to create beautiful spaces. Every project brings a new challenge and an oportunity to adapt and grow as individuals and a company as a whole.

Our Team

Is a combine of passion mixed with a desire to offer the most exceptional services, creative eye and exceptional attention to detail,  understanding that goes beyond just making a design, it is about reaching deepest of people's dreams and goals. Working at Meraki feels like being with family. Every project is a blank canvas, a piece of art, brought to life and inspired by you

Myriah Hoover

Visionary & CEO

Brian Richards

Chief Fabrication Officer

Diego Tenorio

Lead Architect

Jailyn Badilla

Logistic Manager

This Is Us

At MerAki we deeply value each and every TEAM MEMBER!

We look for passionate minds first! We want our team to be working not only toward our client goals, but toward their own personal goals for growth. At Meraki, you are family first!

Our goal is to support our team so that our team will support our clients goal!


From Idea to Reality

Meraki Create LLC is driven by individuality, rooted in passionate creativity, and view every project as a new and exciting journey. 


Our mission at Meraki is to produce a highly personalized service that focuses on creativity, workmanship, and ethical values. Every project is one of a kind and we focus on bringing your dreams to life in a very personal and professional way. We step outside the normal and embrace everything that is unique. We pull down barriers and bring a sense of passion and family to every project. 


We take personal pride and interest in every one of our designs. Meraki will guide you through every step of your project from the initial concept through installation. Meraki has a vast team of contractors and designers that specialize in all the individual areas of your project needs. 


Through our passion for designing unique spaces, our high standards, and ethical values, along with our experience with contractor installations, we have been able to build Meraki Create into something unique and unlike any other. 


We choose to maximize the impact and statement that your project deserves.

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